Pineapple Sauce

Pineapple Sauce is great for chicken and rice, it should have a nice tang to it, and give your dish a nice taste and even more beautiful presentation. Ingredients Hard MilkApple Cider VinegarFresh Pineapple ChunksTomato PasteApple JuiceNutmegCorn Starch Cooking In a pot start boiling Hard MilkStart adding in some but just a splash nothing much … Continue reading Pineapple Sauce


One of the most important staples of our cooking is sauce, with out it, our food tastes bland, doesn’t have any zing and really doesn’t leave a memorial experience. Sometimes when we are cooking we are not just cooking for the sake of eating, we are cooking to show off, to give an experience, to … Continue reading Sauce!

Chicken Burger

Ingredients A nice hamburger bun Onions Mushrooms Tomato Chicken Onions Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Butter Mayo Cheese Prepping First lets start frying the onion and garlic until they start to caramelize. Now add in your mushrooms and get them cooked up a bit until they are mostly warm, not crisp though, making them crisp is … Continue reading Chicken Burger

Coffee Glaze

This is a simple sweet glaze that you can use on most pork products and marinades to give it a nice rich flavor. You start off with 2 cups of coffee, this can be old sitting in the fridge, it makes little difference. So start with a pot on medium low heat start to boil … Continue reading Coffee Glaze

Mac n Cheese!

Everyone loves Mac and Cheese, but have you thought about how unhealthy the boxes of KD really are, how good is the cheese? do you really want to give your kids this?, what if I told you could make this relatively cheap, and also far more healthier? When buying cheese you can buy blocks of … Continue reading Mac n Cheese!