Ingredients Eggplant Salt Extra Virgin Olive Oil Onions Ground Lamb Oregano Pepper Cinnamon Nutmeg Paprika Red Wine Canned Tomatoes Beef Broth Potatoes Eggs Greek Yogurt Flour Ricotta Cheese Feta Cheese Bread Crumbs Recipe Slice the eggplants into thin slices, as thin as you can comfortably get Salt them, and let them sit for about 30 … Continue reading Moussaka

Stir Fried Rice

Ok, so one thing we all like is rice, especially when we make stir fry, but did you know that there is a trick to it to make your stir fried rice taste even better? Most people would assume that you just make your rice and immediately stir it in, but did you realize this … Continue reading Stir Fried Rice

Halifax Donair!

This is an East Coast Recipe, it originated in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada, and is an excellent hang over or just pure comfort food. This is going to take a lot of time to make and make properly, and there are different things that you can put in it. I want to make clear this … Continue reading Halifax Donair!

French Onion Soup

Ok, need a little comfort food, something simple easy and should be cheap? Please keep in mind you can inter change the ingredients, most of this you can get at home, I will choose to use a bit more unique than most, but we have our own taste. So First off the ingreidents. 3 White … Continue reading French Onion Soup

Covid and You

Ok, so as we all know Covid 19 is among us and we have a lot of trials and difficulties among us with a lot of challenges. Now is very important to set your mind to eat properly, and try to get some exercise, its important to note that a lot of memes have come … Continue reading Covid and You